The Top 9 Health Blogs For Your Sexual Health

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Would you like to learn more about your heath? And particularly ‘stuff’ that can improve your sexual health? 

If so, keep reading. Because we decided to separate the banana from the peal and present you with 9 of the most practical, insightful and educational health blogs that can truly improve your sexual health, either directly or indirectly. 

Truelibido covers many important topics. But not everything. And some of these blogs dive deep into topics that may very well enrich and improve your life.

Although none of these blogs’ main focus is sexual health, the health principles they advocate will normally greatly benefit also your sexual health.

Whether you’re 22 or 78, these men’s health blogs are the ones you want to bookmark. 👍

mark daily apple best men health blogs

Marks Daily Apple advocates a lifestyle it calls primal living. This is a science based approach that aims at taking your health back to basics. Meaning, removing many of the bad habits we take on as modern human beings, and instead providing our bodies with what we really should have.

It’s principles are founded on a healthy diet, frequent exercise, sound sleep, having fun, getting sunshine, etc. 

In fact, Mark’s Daily Apple is based on the same foundation as Truelibido: A back-to-basics complete healthy lifestyle.

By following this lifestyle, you are not only likely to improve your health, but also your sexual performance. 

This blog also has an informative and entertaining podcast.

men alive best men health blogs 1024x455 1

Men Alive is a blog that focuses on our mental health. You may think this has nothing to do with sexual health, but:

For a very large percentage of the men struggling with erectile dysfunction, mental problems are the underlying reason.

Therefore, not only do we need to get our bodies working right, but our minds as well.

Men alive dives deep into issues such as anger, stress, emotional challenges and love, and helps you master these.

the good men project best men health blogs 1024x455 1

This blog is about being a better man. 

It explores topics such as overall health, positive agiing, wellness, relationships, sex, parenting, and gender roles.

The focus is as much on the mental health side, as on the physical side.

And this blog is not shy about releasing blogposts: New ones come out every day. It therefore provides a wealth of information for the information-hungry.

men health best men health blogs 1024x455 1

Men’s Health is probably the most popular men’s health publications.

It is also very well written and entertaining.

One of the top topics on this blog is fitness.

But Men’s Health touches on all sides of health, including sexual health. It has lots of information about how to be a better lover, how to function better sexually and how to increase your sex drive.

About 1 1024x455 1

Dave Asprey is a health freak who has experimented significantly with his health. 😄 And you can learn from his mistakes and successes.

He aims at achieving optimal health and performance through ‘biohacks’ = technology, science as well as basic healthy principles.

A good portion of his advice is based on the same principles as Truelibido’s principles (diet, exercise, sleep, etc.)

Dave also has an impressive podcast that now has close to 1,000 episodes. Here you will find several eye-opening conversations.

He is also a three-time New York Times bestselling science author.

gapin the best men health blogs 1024x455 1

The man behind Gapin Institute is a urologist. 👍

This blog, similar to Mark’s Daily Apple and Truelibido, focuses on overall and complete health. Meaning getting the body and mind back in balance by exercising, eating well, stressing less, sleeping well, having a positive mindset, etc.

This is also called preventive medicine: Stopping diseases and problems from happening, instead of treating them when they arrive.

With a urologist background, this blog has a good deal of information about sexual health.

The blog also features an entertaining podcast.

the art of healthy living best men health blogs 1024x455 1

The Art Of Healthy Living is a blog run by a woman. But that doesn’t mean that we men can’t learn from her.

This blog’s focus is health and wellbeing through healthy eating, exercising, mental health, and an overall healthy lifestyle. These are the exact pillars we men need in order to ‘perform’.

Not only that, but topics such as erectile dysfunction and sex drive are also addressed.

If you want a new healthy food recipe, or health tips on how to embrace healthy living, you find good information on this blog.

frank lipman best men health blogs 1024x455 1

Dr. Frank Lipman is another great blog that embraces complete health. It is based on the same principles as Mark’s Daily Apple, Gapin Institute and Truelibido.

It embraces complete health, and advocates that in order to achieve optimal health, all key health parameters should be in balance.

This entails proper diet, exercise, sleep routines, stress management, etc.

Or as Dr. Lipman says: Remove what is harmful and add what is beneficial.

Dr. Lipman also has a podcast you may want to tune in to.

tiny buddha best men health blogs 1024x455 1

Tiny Buddha is a blog that focuses on mindfulness, wisdom and mental peace. And as we already know, these are health aspects that are essential in order to also function well sexually.

It teaches health habits, how to become a better person and how to both get along with yourself and the people around you.

A big focus is also on love and relationships. 

Although it does not cover sexual health directly, the other health aspects it does cover, are all essential to proper sexual health.