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Thursday, August 5, 2021

The Scary Link Between ED And Cardiovascular Disease

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Did you know that erectile dysfunction is very common in patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD)?


Because both ED and CVD share many risk factors. Such as endothelial dysfunction, inflammation and low testosterone levels.

In other words, what causes CVD will often also cause ED.

It’s common sense:

If your health is bad, you are likely to struggle with CVD, ED and many other problems.

What’s very interesting, is that ED tends to show up much earlier than CVD symptoms.

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It often takes many years of bad health to get a heart attack or blood cloth.

But, the process of getting an erection is super sensitive, and it only takes a small amount of bad health for this process to break down.


ED has been shown to be an independent and early harbinger of future CVD events.

It will often come several years before any cardiovascular health problem.

This is good and bad.

It’s bad because no-one wants to deal with ED. And definitely not early on in life.

But it’s good because it can save your life! ED can give you the red warning to change your life and to recover your health.

Which means:

That if you struggle with ED now, you would be smart to take this seriously.

And one more point about CVD and ED:

The drugs that many men take for CVD can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect. This is particularly the case for diuretics and β-blockers.

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