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Thursday, June 3, 2021

If You Struggle With Erectile Dysfunction – Check Your Folic Acid Levels!

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Yes, because a new meta study has demonstrated that folic acid is an independent risk factor for erectile dysfunction. 🤔

First off, what is folic acid?

Folic acid (also referred to as folate and vitamin B9) cannot be produced by your body, and you therefore need to get it from your foods and drinks.

It is required for a number of functions in your body, but among the most important ones are: Making DNA and RNA, and metabolizing amino acids necessary for cell division.

Foods high in folate include spinach, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, brussels sprouts, okra, asparagus, bananas, melons, lemons, legumes, seeds, yeast, and mushrooms. You also find folate in seafood and meat.

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It turns out folate is also needed in order to get it up..

This is the conclusion from a meta study that reviewed and analyzed all relevant scientific research that had already been done on folic acid and erectile dysfunction.

The study found that the more severe a man’s ED, the lower levels of his folic acid. These are the numbers from the study:

  • Folic acid in healthy subjects = 11.847 ng/ml
  • Folic acid in mild ED patients = 9.496 ng/ml
  • Folic acid in moderate ED patients = 6.597 ng/ml
  • Folic acid in Severe ED patients = 5.623 ng/ml

In other words, if your folic acid levels are low, you are more likely to struggle with ED and a low libido.

And if you currently struggle with ED, you may want to get your folic acid levels tested. If they are low, you now know a likely source of your ED.

And also, when folic acid was taken with Tadalafil (Cialis), the effects were significantly better than for patients taking only Tadafil.

But how does folic acid deficiency cause ED?

Folic acid has been found to be super important for your nitric oxide production. And why is nitric oxide so important?

Nitric oxide is the gas that opens up the blood vessels in your penis so that blood can flow into your penis and make it erect.

In other words:

Should your nitric oxide production be low, you will normally find it almost impossible to get an erection.

The good news?

If you live a healthy life and eat healthy foods, you should have no issues getting enough folic acid.

However, if your diet is poor, you might want to revise what you eat. 👍

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