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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Shocking Amounts Of ED Pills In Wastewater In Seoul (South Korea)

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Something strange is going on in Seoul, South Korea..

Researchers who ran a test on what the wastewater in Seoul contains, found that it carries very high amounts of erectile dysfunction medications.

The researchers found that the use of these drugs spiked on weekends, and that the use was 31% higher in nightlife areas than in other parts of the city.

They also reported that the amounts were 3-4x those found in Brussels, and 2-5x those found in Copenhagen.

In fact, the levels of ED drugs were so high that the sewage-treatments plants were unable to properly filter them out of the wastewater.

This finding begs the question:

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Why is the use of these drugs higher in South Korea than in other parts of the world?

One theory put forward is that the population of Seoul is rapidly aging, and already quite old. With age, it is often more common to struggle with ED, therefore you often see more people taking medications for the condition.

What these men may not know however, is that there is another solution to erectile dysfunction.

Instead of relying on pills every time one wants to have sex, it is in many cases possible to find a natural solution to erectile dysfunction and a low libido.

By regaining one’s health both mentally and physically, it is also possible to regain one’s sexual health.

I have done this. And many men I have worked with have done the same.

If we can do it, there is a good chance that a large % of men who struggle with ED and a low sex drive can do the same.

And if you are interested in learning how to do this, you can read this guide.

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