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Thursday, June 24, 2021

[New Study] 4-6 Hours Of Exercise Boost Women’s Sexlives

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

I normally write about topics related to men’s sexuality, but..

This week, I wanted to bring you news about a study that was done on women.

This study, done on 322 women mostly in their 40’s and published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, found something interesting.

It found that 4-6 hours of exercise a week (35 to 50 minutes a day) had a significantly positive effect on these women’s sex lives.

Let’s look at the details. What exactly did the study find?

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The research study found that women who exercised 4-6 hours a week:
  • Had a stronger sex drive
  • Were more sexually aroused
  • Had better vaginal lubrication
  • Showed lower sexual distress
  • Had better bloodflow to clitoris
  • Had lower prevalence of hypoactive sexual desire disorder
  • Had lower prevalence of female genital arousal disorder

It was also found that the women doing less than one hour of exercise a week had high levels of sexual dysfunction.

And that exercising more than 6 hours a week had a negative effect on their sexlives.

That might be because women who exercised this much were more likely to have underlying body image issues or psychological problems sapping enthusiasm for sex, the researchers added.

So now we not only have studies that demonstrate that there is a direct link between exercise and men’s ability to ‘get it up’ and men’s libido, we now also have a study that shows the direct link between exercise and the sexlives of women.

What is the takeaway from this?

First and foremost that exercise is something we should do regularly to function well sexually. Both men and women. But also that exercise is key for optimal health and happiness. Exercise is maintenance of the body, and is not only important for a long and healthy life, but it is paramount.


Maybe go for a jog with your partner this week?

To read the full article, please go here.