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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

28 Days Of Junk Food Caused Erectile Dysfunction [Chris van Tulleken]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Do you remember the 2004 movie called Super Size Me?

Where Morgan Spurlock ate junk food for a month and gained 25 pounds? And his cholesterol shot up by 65 points? And he started suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Now there is a repeat of the experiment and the results are the same.

BBC doctor Chris van Tulleken decided to eat 80% ultra processed food for 28 days and then record what happened to him. This was done under scientific supervision.

This is what millions of Britons (1 in 5), including children, now eat every day of the year.

What are ultra processed foods?

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They are typically convenience foods, such as chicken nuggets, pizza, sweets, cheese strings, frozen chips, ready meals, many sandwiches, breads, cereals and low-calorie snacks.

The main ingredient is often a protein, fat or carbohydrate extracted from a cheap crop, soy or corn and then industrially modified, shaped, coloured and flavoured. And they are massively popular, making up nearly two-thirds of the calories that people consume in the UK.

Before the experiment started, he took various measurements of his blood, weight, scan of his brain, etc.

So what happened to Mr. van Tulleken during and after these 28 days?

  • He started to feel unwell
  • He got constipated (presumably because this food does not contain much fiber)
  • He developed the condition Piles (swollen and inflamed anus)
  • He started having sleep problems
  • He started eating at night when he couldn’t sleep
  • He got heartburn
  • His sex drive plummeted and he started suffering from erectile dysfunction
  • He gained 13 pounds
  • His brain got rewired to crave more of the same foods
  • He had a slight reduction of grey matter in the brain

So these two experiments (Super Size Me and this one) have given practically the same results. There are also hundreds of scientific studies that say the same thing: Your diet is incredibly important for your health.

And if you want to live long, live well and if you want to function well sexually, a healthy diet is paramount.

But in order to function well sexually, it’s not only diet that is important. It is also important to exercise, stress down, sleep well, get sunshine, etc.

If you want to learn more about the optimal lifestyle to have a healthy sexlife, you can read this guide.

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