is your sex drive libido down in the winter

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Is Your Sex-Drive (Libido) Down In The Winter?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

When it’s cold outside, are you less interested in sex? Is your sex-drive down?

There are good arguments for why your libido may be reduced in the winter, and I have previously written about some of these factors here and here.

Does temperature by itself has anything to do about it?

Perhaps. Low temperatures often means less blood circulation to your extremities as your body ensures your critical organs get sufficient blood.

One critical factor is for sure sunshine. With less sunshine you produce less vitamin D3.

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You need vitamin D3 in order to produce testosterone. And with low testosterone, it will be very difficult to function sexually.

Another reason why your libido may be lower in the cold months, is that you and other people wear more clothing.

So you see less skin. You see less body. Hence you probably also think less about sex.

And you may also feel less sexy and think less about sex just because you are layered up in clothes.

Summer time is also the time for vacations, which for most people means they are more relaxed and less stressed.

This needless to say also helps in improving people’s sex drive.

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