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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Your Sex Drive Jumps In The Summmer. But Why? [New Science]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Have you noticed that your sex drive jumps in the summer?

You often feel more sexually charged. You want sex more. You find yourself turning around when you see attractive women.. 😂😂

It’s not news that our libido tends to increase in the summer (I have previously written about it here and here), but now scientist have found more information to explain why this happens.

Before, we knew that the UVB ratiation from sunlight enable our skin to produce vitamin D3, which  help us produce more testosterone.

And this testosterone in turn made our sex drive increase.

But cancer researchers in Israel have accidentally discovered that the same protein (p 53) that protects us from sun damage, also increase our sex drive. 

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These findings were documented in the scientific journal Cell Reports.

But what specifically did the researchers find?

  • When exposed to UVB light, female mice experienced increases in hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis hormone levels which resulting in larger ovaries. They also experienced extended estrus days and increases anti-Mullerian hormone expression
  • UVB exposure also enhanced the sexual responsiveness and attractiveness of mice female and male-female interactions
  • When the protein p53 was removed from the mice and they were exposed to UVB, there was no change in sexul behavior 
  • In humans, sun exposure enhanced romantic passion in both genders and aggressiveness in men, and positively correlates with testosterone levels

What are my takeaways from this research?

First of all that we keep learning all the time: There are many, many aspects of the sun’s impact on us that we still no not understand.

Secondly, that sunshine is incredibly important for our sexual health. And health in general. It’s not just plants and trees that need sun in order to thrive. We do as well!

I have personally experienced that getting enough sunshine is paramount not only for my sex drive, but also for keeping erectile dysfunction away. You can read about my personal experience here.

To read the source article, please go here.