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Epilogue – My Experience

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

In my early 20’s, I never had any problems ‘getting it up’. It never even occurred to me that it was possible to not get an erection while being intimate with a woman.

For me, this was something that simply happened automatically.

But I learned that this was indeed possible. The hard way. Or rather, the ‘soft way’.

Because in my mid-20’s, I had my first encounter with erectile dysfunction😳

And it was not a one-off event. But it kept happening. Again and Again.

I was struggling with severe erectile dysfunction. And my libido more or less disappeared. 😤

man struggling with severe erectile dysfunction

When I realized that I, at 26, was struggling with ED and a non-existent libido, I became desperate to find a solution.

So I started searching. I wanted to find a natural and permanent solution to my problems.

This search put me through a decade-long roller-coaster filled with emotional ups and downs. 

There were many dark and gloomy periods. Sometimes all I wanted was to give up. But there were also happy moments when I sensed glimmers of hope. 

And, in the end, the journey did have a happy ending. It just ended up taking more than 10 years. 😊

In all fairness, it should have not taken that long. But at least I found what I was looking for.

What was the solution?

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It was simply to change many of the ways in which I lived my life. 

The solution was to live a healthier life. 

Before making these changes, I had acquired many unhealthy lifestyle habits that caused my body and mind to get out of balance. 

The thing is: 

I didn’t even realize that I had acquired these unhealthy lifestyle habits. I was just a regular guy living a normal life.  

Actually, I was in many ways probably living healthier than many people. Yet, it still wasn’t a particularly healthy life.

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Because I had acquired these unhealthy lifestyle habits, my body and mind were not operating at their optimal levels. 

My body and mind were out of balance.

And because they were out of balance, things started breaking down.

And two of the first functions to break down were my ability to get erections and my sex drive. 

It’s also possible that I started having a number of other health problems, problems that I just wasn’t aware of, problems that had just started to manifest themselves. Who knows?

By the way, the solution to my erectile dysfunction and libido problems was in fact a set of solutions. It wasn’t just one change.

solution to my erectile dysfunction problem

It was a change of lifestyle involving many simultaneous changes.

Probably the most important change I made was to change the way I approached sex. 

Initially, I stopped anything sexual. Meaning that I cut masturbation and porn from my life. And I even stopped having sex. I needed to sexually reboot my body. 

After my body had rebooted, I again allowed myself to have sex. 

Then I limited how often I would let myself have orgasms

My diet to become ultra-healthy and vegan. 

I started taking basic supplements such as vitamins and minerals, to try to cover any nutritional deficiencies.

vitamins and minerals to cover nutritional deficiencies

And I started exercising more and better. I tried to get 2 hours of exercise every day, including one hour of walking. 

And later I also incorporated Kegel exercises into my every-day exercise routine.

I also made a very conscious effort to stress less and try to relax more. I picked up mediation and also tried hard to fine peace.

My sleeping habits were overhauled.  

I tried to get more sun exposure. In fact, I even moved to a sunnier part of the world. 

And I also tried to ensure I was in mental balance by living a happy life among good friends.

By making and maintaining these changes, I was feeding my mind and body what they needed.

couple exercising together outside

And not only did I provide my mind and body with what they needed. I also took away those negative habits that caused me damage. 


Instead of putting my mind and body through distress and abuse, I freed myself from the chains that were holding me back. I gave myself a chance to reach my potential.

I put my mind and body back in balance.

And what happened..?

My body and mind started responding positively. 👍

Bit by bit my libido came back to life. My periods of strong libido were longer and more frequent.

my libido came back to life

I started to think more about sex. I started craving sex more.

My morning erections came back. I started waking up in the middle of the night with a raging erection. That was new!

Then I started getting semi-erections when I fantasized about sex..

When I first got erections, they lasted for longer than before.

As a result, I gained sexual confidence. I started believing that I could again have sex normally. 

This was key to overcoming my sexual performance anxiety.

And when I tried to have sex, it worked! 😃 

couple making love in bed

Well, it didn’t always work 100% initially, but it worked much better than before.

And after maintaining all these healthy lifestyle changes for a longer period, it got better and better.

And all of a sudden I was able to have sex like I did before.

My erectile dysfunction had gone away! 😃 

In fact it turned out, I didn’t really suffer from erectile dysfunction after all! 

What! Say that again! 🤨

Yeah, I didn’t really suffer from erectile dysfunction. It just presented itself when I was living the wrong kind of life. When my mind and body were out of balance.

i didn t really have erectile dysfunction after all

By being consistent and diligent with these lifestyle changes, by keeping them up and by giving my body and mind what they needed, I overcame my erectile dysfunction and a very weak libido

And it has now been more than 5 years since I implemented this solution. And ever since, I have functioned sexually almost like I did at my peak.

But not only do I now function super well sexually. My overall health is significantly improved. I live a much healthier life!

I also have a lot more energy now than before. In fact, I sometimes have so much energy that it’s almost too much. 

My energy level is particularly high in the mornings after my breakfast. Sometimes I just feel like going for a run. 😂

man running by the beach in the morning

I no longer get fatigued or tired during the day, and I very rarely have periods in the afternoon anymore where I struggle to stay awake.

And I also hardly get sick anymore. In the past, I would always get one or two colds in the winter. They’re gone! 👍 

As I am writing this, I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or the flu. 

I also feel more alive, more alert, more focused, more driven, more passionate and above all, I feel happier. 😊

Although this journey to overcome erectile dysfunction and an almost non-existent libido took me more than a decade.. 

..and although it put me through an almost countless number of disappointments and frustrations..

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..it was totally worth every single effort and every single heartache.

Every single one.. 

Because I have recovered my sexual abilities. In fact, I would have done almost anything to achieve this.

Do you want to achieve what I have achieved?

Do you want to recover your sexual functions?

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