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Johnathan Pieters Cumberwell Biography

Johnathan Pieters Cumberwell is the founder and creator of Truelibido, a website that was commenced in 2015.

Johnathan started suffering from erectile dysfunction when he was 26.

However, having this condition at such a young age, made little sense to him, as this is a condition that normally (he thought) affects men of much older age. He also believed he lived a healthy and normal life, hence it made even less sense that he should be struggling with this.

Therefore, he wanted to understand this condition fully. He wanted to understand exactly what ED was, how it worked, why it happened and what the causes were.

He thought that if he had this information, he may be able to overcome it.

Johnathan therefore bought books, read every article he could come across online, spent countless hours in discussion forums, watched videos, spoke to doctors, had blood tests taken, and otherwise tried to educate himself about erectile dysfunction as well as libido problems.

And then, when he felt he had a good understanding of erectile dysfunction, he wanted to try to find a way to overcome it. He tried overcoming ED by making changes to his lifestyle, such as changing diets, changing exercising, taking herbal supplements, etc.

Initially he had no luck. In fact, he almost gave up and for a couple of years he relied on pharmaceutical drugs in order to have sex.

But one day the drugs stopped working. He had built up resistance to the drugs, and as a result, he was not able to function sexually at all.

At this point, he decided he was done with pills and quick fixes. He was now 100% determined to find a permanent and natural solution to his ED.

So it was back to the drawing board to start experimenting, testing and trying ways to overcome this condition.

And bit by bit he found ‘things’ that were able to help him function better sexually. And by doing more of what worked and by being patient, he found a way to solve and permanently (at least seemingly) his erectile dysfunction.

This solution was not just one action or principle, but the solution was a set of actions that he applied to his life and which he to this date has maintained.

The solution was to limit exposure to sex, eat better, exercise more and better, sleep better, strop stressing, etc.

And in order to overcome his ED permanently, he realized he also had to continue to maintain these principles. In other words, making them once and then stopping only helped solve ED for a short time.

And in order to permanently function sexually, these principles had to be maintained. 

As this is written, it has been more than 4 years since he found this solution. He has maintained these principles for more than 4 years and he has been ED free during these 4 years. His libido has also been super strong.


To help other men who struggle with erectile dysfunction and libido problems, he created Truelibido.

On Truelibido, Johnathan shares his experiences living with these problems, the journey he went through to find the solution to the problems, and he also offers free and paid courses to men who are interested in learning exactly how he overcame ED and a low libido.

Johnathan Pieters Cumberland is a pen name (‘nom de plume’) adopted by the author of Truelibido.