Plant based diet good for erectile dysfunction

Thursday, October 7, 2021

A Plant-Based Diet = Less Erectile Dysfunction [Scientific Research]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

That a plant-based diet is the best choice if you want to function well sexually and avoid erectile dysfunction is not news. We know this. I have previously written about it here, here, here, here, here, and here.

But a new study just came out to confirm this I and wanted to share the details.

This study, presented at The American Association of Urology 2021 Conference, analyzed the relationship between diet and ED of 2,549 men between the ages of 41 and 64.

The findings have been published at the Journal Of Urology and you find a link to it at the bottom of this post. 

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So what exactly did the researchers find?

Their conclusion was the following: With every unit increase in a man’s hPDI score (healthful plant-based diet index), his risk of ED decreased.

This means that the closer you follow a healthy plant-based diet, the less likely you are to struggle with erectile dysfunction. 

Why is this so? Why are plants good for ‘getting it up’?

Plants contain many of the ingredients your body needs to function optimally. And simply put, if you don’t eat enough plants, you will probably not get enough of these ingredients. 

Also, if you consume too much animal based products, you are likely to consume lots of fats, added growth hormones, antibiotics and other medication, and stress hormones created by the animals.

I have myself changed my diet from a normal Western diet with lots of meat and dairy, to a vegan diet. I have followed this diet for years and I feel great. 😄

If you want to learn more about my experience, you can read this.

On a different note: 

If you want to find out how well you function sexually, you can take the ED Calculator and get your score from 0-100% here.

To read the source article, please go here.