By Johnathan P Cumberwell

I think I speak for most men when I say that functioning well sexually is important for our happiness and self-esteem.

Having a normal sex-life and a strong libido, are big parts of being a man – they are key for our confidence and positive outlook on life.

This is part of our male identity. It’s how we recognize ourselves. We want to be able to ‘get it up’. We want to feel a desire for sex.

By the way, do you struggle with ED or a low libido? Do you want to overcome these problems? If so, keep reading – I may be able to help you! 😊

But what happens when we can’t ‘get it up’?

Not being able to ‘get it up’, can deliver a heavy punch to your confidence and overall life quality. It can turn your world upside down.

Not only that, but sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and a low libido, can also cause a number of other challenges, such as loss of self-worth, depression, anxiety, anger, etc.

This happened to me.

I struggled with this for more than 10 years. And this certainly turned my world upside down.

This was far from fun. It zapped life and energy out of me, took away my passion for life and destroyed my confidence.


I didn’t give up.

There had to be a way to fix myself, I thought. I was desperate to have a normal sex-life again.

Therefore, I started educating myself. I wanted to know everything there was to know about erectile dysfunction and libido problems.


I spoke to doctors, had blood tests taken, measured my testosterone levels, read every relevant article I could find, read books, read medical research studies, watched videos, and spent countless hours in online discussion forums.

And when I felt I had a decent understanding, I started experimenting.

I experimented with anything that could possibly solve my problems.


I changed the way I approached masturbation, porn and sex.

I changed my diet several times, tried lots of supplements and herbal remedies.

I experimented with different forms and amounts of exercise, tried to stress less, tried to relax more, changed my sleeping habits, experimented with the effects of sunshine, I examined and experimented with social and psychological factors.

I massaged my testicles, I meditated, and much more.

And by trying, failing, experimenting and researching, I eventually found a solution to my problems.

I finally found a way out!

I overcame my own erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

Naturally and permanently.

It has now been several years since I implemented this solution, and my problems have been gone ever since.

And because I have found a solution, I wanted to share what I have learned with other men.

I want to share all my knowledge with you. I want to help you.

That is why truelibido.com exists.

I wanted a way to share all my key experiences, and my personal story.

I wanted to share how I solved my ED and libido problems.

I wanted to explain exactly how I did it.

I wanted to arm other men with all the information needed, in order for them to overcome these problems. Just like I overcame mine.

Therefore, I have shared everything on this website. 😊

In addition, to all this information..

I have also created a course.

So if you want me to personally help you overcome your ED and libido problems..

..if you want to overcome these problems as soon as possible..

I have created a step-by-step course that aims at solving these problems in 10 days.

You can learn more about the course here.

If you struggle with ED and a low libido, you too can probably solve your problems, like I solved mine.

It’s actually a lot easier than you probably think.

Even though it took me more than a decade to figure it out, the solution is really simple. Not only simple, but also 100% common sense.

And several men who have followed what I teach, have obtained very good results.

You can read what other people say here.

We only have one life to live gentlemen. Only one chance to try to live as good of a life as possible.

Living a life with buried or unsolved problems is not an optimal way to live this life.


Would you want to live even one more day of your life with erectile dysfunction, if you knew there was an easy and natural solution?

I don’t know about you, but my answer is a clear ‘no!’.

Not only have I overcome my sexual problems, but I now live with a smile on my face. 😊

I feel very grateful. And at peace.

Not to mention that I am healthier than ever. I have more energy. I feel more alert.

My life-quality is back to where it was before I encountered these problems, if not even higher.

And my outlook on life could hardly be any better. Life is good.

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction and libido problems, I would love for you to get to where I am today.

Best wishes,